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This is how they work...

As you can see, they are composed of 5 colors that go well together.

There's the option to get all the colour in 1 click, and/or if you want to, there's the button that appears on hover so you can copy to clipboard that colour, so all the colours has their own hex code #XXXXXX which is composed of one pound sign # and six hex numbers, the values.

You can also have the hex code abbreviated by typing just three of them, if you want, in this case,#FFFFFF as #FFF and #00AA55 as #0A5.BUT if you use the 3 digit system you will have fewer options when looking for a colour.

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This is how the filtered search finds what you want...

Let me explain,

If there's a colour that you want the palette to be composed of, like, let's say,... the color Blue or orange you just have to type "blue" or "orange" into the search bar, and it will show the palettes that include the color that you were looking for.

This are the colors that you can search for at the moment:

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Get that colour from anywhere and whenever.

All the features on the site are working on desktop, tablet or mobile, so you can grab your colour anytime, the copy to clipboard works in any device, so if you are commuting come and get your colour.

The only thing you are not going to see on mobile is the side bar on the left, where I have wrote some lines and where some adds are displaying.