26 top website directories for finding inspiration for your next landing page or website

Published on May 06 2024 by Michael Andreuzza

This collection of websites is a curated list of the best websites to find inspiration on 2024 and beyond.


Welcome to our curated collection of the finest online resources tailored to ignite your creativity and fuel your next web design venture.

In this carefully curated list, we present a diverse array of top-tier websites meticulously selected to serve as your guiding light in the pursuit of inspiration for your upcoming landing page or website project. Whether you’re seeking innovative design concepts, cutting-edge layouts, or captivating visual aesthetics, you’re sure to find an abundance of inspiration within these handpicked selections. Embark on a journey through this exclusive compilation and unlock a wealth of inspiration to propel your web design endeavors to new heights.

Dead Simple sites

deadsimplesites The most minimal sites on the web, curated in one place

One Page Love

opl A “One Pager” is a Single Page website with no additional pages like About, Team or Services. All the content sits within the same webpage, traditionally in a long-scrolling layout.

The beauty of a One Page website is it tries to promote one thing in an uncluttered, direct manner. This allows the visitor to make a quicker decision vs sending them to a bloated website with many options and pages.

The One Page Love website was launched in March 2008 by Rob Hope in Cape Town, South Africa who continues to add One Page websites and resources daily.

bestwebsitegallery akeBetterWebsites is one of David Hellmans largest private projects, which has been online since 2008. The whole thing is based on the idea of ​​Jan , who started a gallery for flyers . Over the years, Best websites gallery has become one of the largest and highest quality website galleries in the world.


godly Founded in 2021, Godly is a creative feed by Rejiggle. We aim to publish multiple top-tier websites per day in the hope our platform serves as a resource for those interested in all things web and interactive design.

We take pride in our selections and strongly value quality over quantity. We have a reputation to upkeep for our carefully selective curation of some of the most incredible websites on the Internet.

So far we’ve featured over 1,000 websites.


unsection Hey there! I’m Gita, the creator of Unsection. I know the feeling of being stuck when you’re designing a specific part of a website. It’s tough when all you can find are full-site designs instead of that one section you really need help with. That’s why I created Unsection—your go-to spot for section-specific design inspiration, and I hope it can be just as helpful for you and other designers out there.

As I showcase each screenshot, I personally celebrate the creativity and honor the copyright of their respective owners.

SaaS Pages

saaspages Browse 900+ landing page screenshots. We give you the best practices to help you convert more visitors to customers.


siteinspire Browse 8,608 sites by style, type, or subject, or just see the very best. Websites are chosen and curated by Howells—Studio.


maxibestof Daily feed of websites & fonts inspiration Curated by Bertrand Bruandet

Dark Design

Dark Design The best hand-picked dark themed websites on the internet.


storefront Explore a curated collection of unique ecommerce storefronts updated every Friday. Use advanced filters to find design inspirations that match your preferences, or submit your site to be featured among the best. Updated weekly with fresh designs.


pafolios Pafolios is a platform that curates and exhibits design portfolios for various roles, including UX/UI designers, creative designers, and design agencies. With over 50 portfolios organized by designer type, it offers inspiration and practical case studies for showcasing work. The platform also provides tools and templates for portfolio building, updated weekly with new additions and sponsorship sections.


seesaw Curation of the best web design inspiration, updated daily.

Landing Page Examples

Landing Page Examples Discover hundreds of landing pages created by leading companies for your design inspiration.

Landing Love

landinglove Showcase of the best 951 Animation Websites. Get inspired by the best website examples with full-page video recordings.

Design Spells

designspells Discover micro-interactions, easter eggs, and other seemingly extra design details that infuse life, personality, and fun back into the web.


Gomila A new home for creatives Gomila is one place for everything you need to stay inspired

Lapa Ninja

lapa Lapa Ninja is a gallery featuring the best 6213 website examples, free books for designers and free UI kits from around the web.


landbook We collect awesome websites to help creatives find inspiration & motivation to do rad stuff.


curated Unleash your creativity with out-of-this-world web design inspiration from across the web


httpster Httpster is a showcase of damn fine website design, lovingly curated and categorised so we can perv on it at our whim. We love good typography, and effective, unpretentious design; in short, simple ideas executed perfectly. While we aim to showcase excellent development as well, we apologise in advance for including poorly coded stuff if it just looks so damn good.

Dark mode design

darkmodedesign Dark Mode Design is a showcase of beautifully designed and inspiring dark mode websites. Dim the lights, lower your screen brightness, and enjoy.

Page Collective

pagecollective We’ve been collecting landing page and general marketing website design inspiration for years. This website is to showcase and share those pages.

Admire the web

admireweb Daily web design inspiration from around the web specialising in minimal, clean and responsive websites. We showcase the very best to keep you inspired.

Tiny Blocks

tiny Discover our exclusive selection of the most inspiring e-commerce home pages designed to captivate and convert. From stunning layouts to innovative functionalities, see how leading online stores leverage design to enhance shopping experiences. Perfect for designers, marketers, and store owners seeking inspiration.


simple Discover our exclusive selection of the most inspiring e-commerce home pages designed to captivate and convert. From stunning layouts to innovative functionalities, see how leading online stores leverage design to enhance shopping experiences. Perfect for designers, marketers, and store owners seeking inspiration.

minimalgallery Minimal Gallery is a curated source of website design inspiration aiming to support people in their creative process. Running since 2013.

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