19 Best websites to find high quality free and open-source fonts

Published on May 02 2024 by Michael Andreuzza

Unlocking typography gold: your essential guide to the 19 best sources for high-quality free and open-source fonts.


Let’s discover a list of websites to find free and open-source quality fonts.

What are Open Source fonts?

Open source fonts are fonts that are available for free and are developed by a community of people. These fonts are typically licensed under a free software license, such as the GNU General Public License (GPL) or the Open Font License (OFL). Open source fonts are often developed and maintained by volunteers, and they are designed to be used in a wide range of applications, from websites and web applications to desktop publishing and mobile devices. Open source fonts are a great way to access a large pool of high-quality fonts that are free to use and modify.

N1 — Collletttivo


Collletttivo is an Open-Source type foundry and a network of people promoting the practice of type design through mutual exchange and collaboration.

N2 — Tunera

tunera Tunera is a transnational type foundry, that aims to present new and original typefaces for everyone. Tunera Type Foundry got its name from the Indian fig cactus, called “tunera” in Spanish, because it offers sharp font picks, rich curves and lots of flavor.

Tunera was founded in january 2020 by Ariel Martín Pérez, an art director, type designer and illustrator based in Paris. Anton Moglia joined him in this project soon afterwards.



Created in 1985 to “contribute to the development of typographic creation”, the National Typographic Research Workshop (ANRT) is a 3rd cycle of the National School of Art and Design (ENSAD) in Nancy.

Established on the ARTEM campus, the ANRT is a place of excellence where unique expertise is developed in the fields of typographic design and editorial design. The Workshop welcomes 6 students from all over the world each year for a period of 2 years. Students are invited to formulate a personal research project, or to join an established program.

N4 — Uncut

uncut Libre typeface catalogue, focusing on somewhat contemporary type.

N5 — The league of movable type


The first free & open-source type foundry, the League is a hand-selected group of typographers interested in propelling the movement into the professional playing field. By doing so, they hope to do more than offer a free set of high-quality fonts–they hope to revolutionize web typography altogether.

N6 — Lost Type


Operated and Managed by Riley Cran (and originally co-founded with Tyler Galpin), Lost Type is the first of its kind, a Pay-What-You-Want type foundry. Since 2011 Lost Type has been a source for unique typefaces, with a collection of over 50 different faces from contributors all over the world. 100% of the funds from sales of these fonts go directly to their respective designers. Lost Type fonts have been used across the world, and recently have been featured in projects for Nike, Starbucks, Disney and the President of the United States. Lost Type continues to be dedicated to the idea that quality fonts should be made available to anyone who wants to create an individual piece of characterful design.

N7 — Libre fonts by womanx


This collection aims at giving visibility to libre fonts drawn by womxn designers, who are often underrepresented in the traditionally conservative field of typography. These fonts are shared under Free, Libre and Open Source licenses, which allow anyone to use them, modify their design, contribute more glyphs or styles to their non-nuclear families, build upon them and redistribute them further.

N8 — Font Space


A website that offers a vast collection of free fonts for personal and commercial use. It serves as a platform where font designers from around the world can showcase their work and share it with a wide audience. Users can browse through various categories such as serif, sans-serif, script, and decorative fonts, among others, to find the perfect typeface for their projects. Fontspace.com provides a convenient platform for designers, businesses, and individuals to access high-quality fonts to enhance their creative endeavors.

N9 — Befonts


A website that provides a wide range of fonts for designers, businesses, and individuals. It offers both free and premium fonts, covering various styles and purposes, including serif, sans-serif, script, display, and more. Befonts.com serves as a platform where font enthusiasts can discover new typefaces, download them for use in their projects, and stay updated on the latest trends in typography. Additionally, the website often features font bundles and deals, making it a valuable resource for those seeking high-quality fonts at affordable prices.

N10 — FFonts


FFonts offers a large collection of free fonts for personal and commercial use. It provides a platform where users can explore and download fonts across various categories, including serif, sans-serif, script, display, and more. Ffonts.net aims to cater to the diverse needs of designers, businesses, and individuals by providing access to a wide range of typefaces suitable for different projects and purposes. Additionally, the website allows users to preview fonts before downloading them, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their design endeavors.

N11 — Fonts Arena


A website that hosts a diverse selection of fonts available for download. It serves as a platform where users can explore and discover fonts across different categories, including serif, sans-serif, script, display, and more. Fontsarena.com caters to the needs of designers, developers, and individuals seeking high-quality typefaces for various projects, such as graphic design, web design, branding, and more. The website offers both free and premium fonts, providing options for users with different budget constraints. Additionally, Fontsarena.com often features font-related articles, tutorials, and resources to help users enhance their typography skills and stay updated on the latest trends in the world of fonts and design.

N12 — 10001 Free fonts


A website that offers a vast collection of free fonts for personal and commercial use. It provides a platform where users can browse through a diverse range of font styles, including serif, sans-serif, script, decorative, and more. The website allows users to preview fonts and download them for use in various design projects, such as graphic design, web design, typography, and more. Additionally, 1001freefonts.com regularly updates its collection with new fonts and features font-related articles, resources, and tools to assist designers and enthusiasts in their creative endeavors.

N13 — Font Share


Fontshare is a free fonts service launched by the Indian Type Foundry (ITF). It’s a growing collection of professional grade fonts that are 100% free for personal and commercial use. Our mission is to make high-quality and technically sound fonts accessible to everyone.

N14 — Omnibus Type


Omnibus is a new collaborative company focused on web typography. The main challenge is to provide webfonts at the highest aesthetic and technical level.

N15 — ETC Type


THE SHORT STORY HERE IS THAT WE LOVE CREATING BEAUTIFUL SETS OF LETTERS. The bonus, of course, is sending them into the world and seeing what people make. That said, we’re not too serious about type. Making a font is easy. Making a good font is hard. But lots of other things in this world are even harder. Like being a good parent. Or teaching a room full of teenagers all day. You get the idea. Etcetera Type Company is based in Ithaca, New York and was founded by Ty Finck in 2018.

N16 — Unblast


Selection of hand-picked free and premium fonts for various design purposes. Including serif, sans serif, script, display, brush and grotesque.

N17 — Open Foundry


Open Foundry is a FREE platform for curated open-source typefaces; to highlight their beauty, activate ideas and encourage exploration.

Since the launch of OF, we’ve had such inspiring feedback and received many innovative open-source typefaces from around the world. We are NOW ready to reimagine how these fonts are found, seen, used, manipulated, hacked and created from scratch. For that very reason, we are ready to create the next generation from the the ground up!

N18 — velvetyne


Velvetyne is an association and collective dedicated to researching and disseminating typography and typeface creation. Our efforts manifest through collective creation workshops, public engagements, and the promotion of open, playful tools that embrace an uninhibited approach to typography. Our editorial practice revolves around building a politically and artistically supported typographic universe, collaborating with diverse and engaged authors. Together, we give life to fonts and graphical objects under open licenses, allowing for their use, modification, and redistribution. Additionally, we explore unconventional paths, fostering transparency and inclusivity to make typeface creation more open and dynamic.


A curated collection of typefaces that are available under a variety of free licences somewhere on the interwebs.

So here are some of the best websites to find free and open-source fonts. Whether you’re a designer, developer, or simply looking for a new font to add to your collection, these websites offer a wide range of options to explore and discover high-quality fonts that are free to use and modify. So go ahead and explore these websites and find the perfect font for your project!

Happy font hunting!

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