A comprehensive and curated list of UI/UX and digital designers on X that everyone should follow

Published on May 04 2024 by Michael Andreuzza

This list collects the names and links of well known and hidden gems UI/UX and digital designers on X.


Dive into the ultimate collection of user experience design brilliance!

Whether you seek seasoned professionals or budding talents our list has you covered. Trust that we’ve meticulously sifted through numerous accounts to deliver only the most exceptional selection.

If you feel we’ve missed a standout account, don’t hesitate to tag them in the shared tweet of this post on our X/Twitter account.

This list is not in an specific order, but rather a collection of the most influential and respected UI/UX and digital designers on X.

Ethan Fender — @ethnfndr

Nature-inspired graphic designer / Ohio Native / Symbols are a language

Brad Mead — @_bradmead

➔ Typographic experiments, UK

Bastien Allard — @bastienald

@locomotivemtl Internet & types. Montreal. Sometimes Lyon.

Vishnu Prasad — @vlockn

Digital designer crafting products with purpose and meticulous attention to detail

Vijay Verma — @realvjy

A wizard ✦ love design + code ✦ maker of 3dicons.co, coolshap.es +6 more ✦ making things at @OverlayzStudio ✦ illustration, 3D, XR ✦ now building games 🎮

Dennis Snellenberg — @codebydennis

Helping brands thrive in the digital world © → Freelance Designer & Developer → Awwwards Judge ‘19-24

Zander Whitehurst — @zander_supafast

Founder @memorisely • memorisely.com | Educator Advisory Board @figma | Making UX/UI education accessible ⚡️

Oğuz — @oguzyagizkara

Design @Shopify, Design Principal @LueStudio

Pablo Stanley — @pablostanley

building @mushoai & @lummipics & @togeeether ✨ investing in design-driven teams ❤️

Gal Shir — @galshirarty

Designer ✦ gal.sh — Previously @Lemonade_Inc — Founder & Curator ColorHunt.co — Artist @RubberDuckBP & @SlimesNFT

Gil Huybrecht — @gilhuybrecht

Freelance designer and skateboarder. Jury member @awwwards

William Channer — @williamchanner

Building @spacesfamily , a design ecosystem designed to help designers win. It started with Lovers Magazine.

Ahmed — @Ahmedcreatives

Brand identity expert

Chus — @chusmargallo

UX/UI designer en NN. Me gustan las fotos con grano y los diseños sin cuadrícula. Tomo ☕️ por encima de mis posibilidades. De Santander

Emil Kowalski — @emilkowalski

Dev - Designer

Paco — @pacocoursey

Dev - Designer

usrnk1 — @usrnk1

✦ 🐦 about design details, side projects, Figma ✧ 🪣 designing @bucketdotco ✦ 📷 curating @saasshots ✧ 🎛️ starting @diagramkit — ex. @stellate @recruitee

Kieran Parker — @_kprkr

Designer & Founder → Building & Growing Micro-Startups

Will Thomson — @willthomson__

I write about 2 things: 1. The cool internet projects we build at @StudioOutkast 2. The journey of building @incrmntl , a micro-startup holding company.

Gavin — Nelson @Gavmn

Designer @linear · previously @github

Pedro Duarte — @peduarte

Hype @raycastapp • Co-creator @radix_ui , @stitchesjs • Prev @rainbowdotme

James 🤌🏻 @jamesm

Design @clerkdev . I run a tiny design studio @wireframe . Download icons @theiconicapp . Prev: @tailwindlabs

Rasmus Andersson — @rsms

Adventures in software & design. Founder of @playbit_ , designer of Inter, @Figma , @Spotify . Eng & design @Facebook.

Kevin — @Keviduke

⊹ Digital Product Designer ⊹ KBD Lover ⊹ Coffee Enthusiast

Jonas Emmertsen — @JEmmertsen

On a mission to make the most memorable web experiences. Founder & Creative @28Kstudio.

Igor Kapustin — @kapustindesign

Some random illustrator

Augis — @thisaugis

Developer, Designer & 3D Artist. Founder of @morflax_com

Mik Skuza — @MikSkuza

👨🏻‍💻 Multidisciplinary Senior Designer with a wealth of 18 years of experience in the creative realm

Laura Eddy — @lauraxeddy

Full time product designer, part time font designer at @typeheist.

Cory Uehara — @coryuehara

Graphic Designer based in Portland, OR and making things @ Herefor

KOW — @kowfm

I build Apps, Websites, and Teams. Black lives matter, anti fascist, democratic socialist.

Filip Legierski @kedavrio

Senior UI/UX Designer. Always ready for hire.

If you feel we’ve missed a standout account, don’t hesitate to tag them in the shared tweet of this post on our X/Twitter account.

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